Raptors of the Northwest Symposium February 2014

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Raptors of the Northwest Symposium
February 5-7, 2014; Pasco, WA

The Raptors of the Northwest Symposium (RNWS) will be part of a Joint Meeting with several other meetings and symposia, including the annual meeting of the TWS Washington Chapter and the 4th International Burrowing Owl Symposium. The specific dates for the Raptor Symposium are February 5-7, 2014; other meetings/symposia will overlap and/or extend past these dates. The venue will be the Red Lion, in Pasco, WA, which is ¼ mile from the Pasco Airport.
The geographic areas to be focused on during the raptor symposium are the NW U.S. states, including Alaska, and the Western Canadian Provinces. Both diurnal and nocturnal raptors will be addressed. The theme is “Linking Raptor Research to Critical Conservation and Management Needs.”
We want there to be widespread and diverse geographical and organizational involvement and support from as many agency, academic, NGO, and other land management stakeholder groups as possible; so if you have suggested contacts, we would welcome them.
For more information on the Joint Meeting, or to submit an abstract (for all meetings), please see http://wildlife.org/washington/sites/wildlife.org.washington/files/images/2014%20Joint%20Meeting%20Call%20for%20Papers.pdf. Please specify that you are interested in the RNWS.
Jeffrey L. Lincer, Raptor Symposium Organizer
SoCal Chapter Rep. to TWS WS
JeffLincer@ gmail.com; (619) 668-0032


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